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IT Solutions


At ITSentrix, we offer a wide variety of services, however our main focus is Managed IT Support and Solutions. Regardless of what kind of business you run or its size, chances are you need IT Support. We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge and experience in this field, and this is why we are able to offer top-tier IT Consulting to your company or organization.

As technology changes and economic factors come into play, an increasing number of businesses and organizations are depending more on technology for day-to-day operations. While the traditional approach was to depend on an on-site tech for support, this options is cost prohibitive and most likely not an option for anyone but large companies that can support adding an entire department of IT Support staff. Managed IT Support is a great option for both small businesses and even medium sized organizations as it provides all the advantages of an in house IT Support Department without having to hire a full time IT Professional.


We have both deployed and upgraded networks ranging from small offices with just a few work stations to businesses with locations in multiple cities. ITSentrix can design and deploy a network made with the unique needs of your business in mind. At ITSentrix, we make use of industry standard technology and follow practices and standards that allow for optimum speed and security on your network infrastructure. With our Network Services you can have access to all of the latest benefits of networking technology, including:

  • Wireless Networking
  • Wireless Hot-spots for Customers
  • Wired Networking over Ethernet
  • Site to Site Connection for Branch Offices
  • VPN Connectivity for Remote Access to Your Network

Server Support

Servers are at the very core of almost any network, and carry out crucial tasks such as backing up data, controlling who logs in and what they can do, and centrally managing security and software updates for all of the workstations connected to it. ITSentrix can help you by deploying your first server, maintaining an existing one, or installing more to aid in redundancy and allow for more services. Regardless of what Server OS you run, from Microsoft to Linux, we can offer support services for all of them.

Workstation Support

ITSentrix can help you setup, manage, and update your work stations, including desktops, laptops, and tablets. We offer full support of systems from every manufacturer and hardware configuration. In addition, we work with systems running any version of Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. ITSentrix offers numerous useful support services for all of your computers, including:

  • Software and Operating System Updates
  • Installation of new Applications
  • Virus and Spyware Monitoring
  • Internet Content Filtering
  • System Cleaning and Optimization
  • Hardware upgrades or repair

Email & Collaboration

Email has become crucial to business communication with vendors, clients, and other contacts. With a wide variety of options for spam filtering, mailbox control, and shared contacts and calendars, ITSentrix can help you implement and manage your business email. With experience with both on-site Microsoft Exchange and Cloud-Based Google Apps, we can help you with implementing a new email system or upgrade an existing one.

Helpdesk Services

Traditionally, technical support or Help-desk Services were only available to larger companies with a dedicated IT department and full time staff to handle technical questions and resolve issues. With Help-desk Services from ITSentrix, you can have all the benefits of a support staff at a fraction of the cost.

Software Consulting

Are you a retail business and want to streamline sales by adding or updating your Point-of-Sales System? Are you a health care provider who has questions about implementing practice management or EMR? Whatever your industry, we can partner with you to help determine which software would benefit your business as well as deploy it to your location.