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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing


More and more businesses are becoming aware of the need to ensure their data is secure and their technology assets are available whenever they need them. But what if disaster strikes? Very quickly, your server, the central repository of all your crucial data, can be knocked off line by a hardware failure, or even worse, a natural disaster.

It is for these reasons that more and more companies and organizations are moving their servers to the Cloud. The benefits are numerous, but among them are high reliability, almost entirely eliminating the cost of hardware and maintenance, and providing a easy upgrade path for future growth. At ITSentrix, we specialize in both deploying and maintaining your server's on a highly reliable, proven data-center.

What is the Cloud?

The term "Cloud" has become more widespread in recent years, but what is it? Interestingly, the idea behind it is nothing new. Simply put, the Cloud is the ability to move your crucial information systems off site of your physical office location, and onto a highly redundant data center. By doing this, you shift the responsibility of maintaining, powering, and securing a traditional server - with the all the costs that come with it - to a state-of-the-art data center, where hundreds of thousands of others already host their servers as well. Because of this, you have the ability to run all your business applications on incredibly powerful hardware, without ever having to purchase and maintain a server that you keep on site.

Cloud computing is not a one-size-fits-all solution, however many businesses stand to benefit from Cloud-based systems. One of the primary reasons more companies and organizations are shifting their information systems to the cloud is cost. Traditional servers require a large initial investment, annual maintenance, and replacement every few years if you want to remain competitive. With your servers in the Cloud, you only pay for what you use, can easily restore to a backup, and you don't have to worry about server upgrades.

Cloud Servers

With ITSentrix Cloud Servers, you can be up and running in a matter of days, not weeks. Instead of waiting for equipment to arrive at your doorstep, we work with you to provision a new Cloud Server so you can be up and running in no time at all. Moving your server to the Cloud means eliminating past worries of equipment becoming out of date, hardware failure, and other issues associated with a server located on-site. Some of the benifits include:

  • No Hardware, No Worries - Your server operates in a large data cluster meaning you no longer have to worry about hardware failure.
  • Pay Based On Usage - Your server can be tailored to fit into your budget, and you only pay for the resources your server requires.
  • Operating Systems - Windows or Linux, ITSentrix can install and configure the Server OS you need.
  • Flexible Pricing - ITSentrix offers a wide variety of payment options, both on contract or month to month billing plans.

Cloud Storage

Worried about losing crucial data to hardware failure, disaster, or theft? Worry no more - with ITSentrix Cloud Storage Solutions, your data is saved onto a highly reliable cloud based storage service. No matter what the size or purpose of your data is, our Cloud Storage plans can grant you peace of mind, ensuring your data is always available, and never lost to disasters. Just some of the benefits of Cloud Storage features include:

  • Pay Based on Usage - You only pay for the storage space you use.
  • Highly Scalable and Redundant - At anytime you can gain access to more or less Cloud Storage, so your storage can grow with your business.
  • No Contract - There are no contracts or fees to lock you in, so you can move your data to another provider or on-site whenever you need.

Cloud Networking

ITSentrix offers Cloud Networking solutions to help you bridge the gap between your on-site network and your assets in the Cloud. We offer affordable methods to stay connected to your Cloud based infrastructure, so you maintain all the benefits of a highly redundant network while still operating as if all of your servers and networked devices are in the same location.